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1. Fried Egg Rolls: Pork or Veggie– 8.95
Deep fried spring rolls w/silver noodles and veggie w/ house s&s sauce.
2. Fried Shrimp Rolls– 8.95
Deep fried marinated shrimp rolls w/ house s&s sauce.
3. Garlic Chicken Wings– 8.95
Deep fried chicken wings w/ sweet garlic sauce.
4. Satay Skewers Chicken– 9.95
Charbroil marinated skewers w/ peanut sauce & cucumber salad.
5. Fried Fish Cake– 9.95
Fried fish paste mixed in curry paste w/cucumber salad and peanuts.
6. Mieng Come– 10.95
Shallot, ginger, peanuts, lime, dried shrimp, chili, shredded coconut & sauce.
7. Angel Wings– 12.95
Fried stuff chicken wings w/ house s&s sauce. 
8. Jerky: Pork or Beef– 9.95
Seasoned, dried, fried. 


9. BBQ Chicken– 12.95
Marinated in Thai herbs. Grilled. Served w/ house s&s sauce.
10. BBQ Beef– 13.95
Thinly sliced, marinated tender beef. Served w/ house chili sauce.
11. BBQ Pork Shoulders– 13.95
Marinated pork shoulders. Grilled. Served w/ house chili sauce.

Thai Salad.

12. Papaya Salad: Dried Shrimp & Peanuts OR Salted Crab– 11.95
Shredded green papaya pounded w/ garlic, tomatoes, chili, and lime dressing.
13. Larb Salad– 12.95
Ground meat w/ red & green onion, mint, rice powder, cilantro, lime dressing. 
14. SJT House Salad– 11.95
Lettuce, cucumber, fried tofu, tomatoes, egg, carrot, chips, onion, peanut dressing. 
15. Yum Woon Sen– 11.95
Silver noodles, ground pork, shrimp, red & green onion, chili paste lime dressing.
16. Beef Salad– 13.95
Tender beef, red & green onion, mint, cilantro, rice powder, lime dressing.
17. BBQ Pork Shoulder Salad– 13.95
BBQ pork shoulders, red & green onion, mint, cilantro, rice powder, lime dressing.


18. Yen Ta Fo– 11.95
Flat rice noodle w/tomato broth, fish balls, fish cake, shrimp. calamari, tofu, veggies. 
19. Wonton Egg Noodle Soup: BBQ Pork OR Roasted Duck– 11.95
Soup, pork wonton, egg noodle, and yu choy.
20. Beef Noodle Soup– 12.95
Thin rice noodle, beef broth, sliced beef, homemade beef balls, and veggies. 
21. Seafood Noodle Soup– 11.95
Thin rice noodle, shrimp, calamari, fish balls, fish cake, bean sprouts.
22. Thai Sukiyaki– 11.95
Silver noodles, shrimp, calamari, chicken, egg, veggies.
23. Pad Thai– 11.95
Stir fry noodles, egg, tofu, green onion, bean sprouts, peanuts. 
24. Rad Nah Mee Grob– 11.95
Crispy egg noodle, mix veggies in gravy sauce + choice of meat. 
25. Rad Nah– 11.95
Stir fry flat noodles, Chinese broccoli in gravy sauce + choice of meat.
26. Pad Kee Mao– 11.95
Stir fry flat noodles, bell peppers, onion, basil, mix veggies + choice of meat.
27. Pad See Ew– 11.95
Stir fry flat noodles, egg, Chinese broccoli + choice of meat.
28. Chow Mein– 11.95
Stir fry thin egg noodle, onion, mix veggies + choice of meat

A La Carte/Rice Plate.

29. Pad Kra Praw– 12.95/ 9.95
Garlic, bell peppers, basil + choice of ground meat. 
30. Pad Gra Tiam– 12.95/ 9.95
Garlic, green & white onion + choice of meat. 
31. Himapran– 12.95/ 9.95
Roasted cashew nuts, onion, celery + choice of meat. 
32. Spicy String Bean– 12.95/ 9.95
String beans, bell peppers, basil, garlic + choice of meat.
33. Pad Ped Nor Mai– 12.95/ 9.95
Bamboo shoot, curry paste, bell peppers, basil + choice of meat.
34. Pad Ma Keur– 12.95/ 9.95
Eggplant, bell peppers, basil + choice of meat.
35. Pad Prik Pao– 12.95/ 9.95
Thai chili paste + choice of meat. 
36. Kao Pra Ram– 12.95/ 9.95
Spinach, peanut dressing + choice of meat.
37. Thai Fried Rice– 11.95
Fried rice, egg, green & white onion + choice of meat.
38. Kao Rad Na Gai– 11.95
Chicken, onion, mushroom in gravy sauce, topped w/ sausage and fried egg.
39. Fried Chicken Fried Rice– 12.95
Crispy fried chicken over fried rice. Served w/ house s&s sauce.
40. Roasted Duck Over Rice– 12.95
Roasted duck over rice, spinach, and house-made sauce.
41. BBQ Pork Shoulder Fried Rice– 12.95
BBQ pork shoulder over egg fried rice, green & white onion, and house chili sauce.
42. Shrimp Paste Fried Rice– 13.95
Shrimp paste fried rice, omelette, onion, shrimp, chili, lime, sweet pork, cucumber.


43. Tom Yum

44. Tom Kah

45. Po Tak


Mushroom, Thai herbs, lime, fish sauce, & chili.
Coconut milk, mushrooms, Thai herbs, lime,
fish sauce, & chili.
Tamarind soup w/chili & mixed veggies.
Seafood soup, flavored w/lemon grass, fish sauce, chili, & basil.






43. Tom Yum– 11.95
Thai herbs, mushroom, lime, + choice of meat.
44. Tom Kha– 11.95
Coconut milk, Thai herbs, mushroom, lime, + choice of meat.
45. Po Tak– 12.95
Seafood soup, Thai herbs, lime, basil, mushroom.
46. Gangsom– 11.95
Tamarind soup, mixed veggies, chili paste + choice of meat.


47. Fried Whole Tilapia– 15.95
Deep fried whole tilapia. Served w/ house seafood sauce.
48. Pad Ped Pla Dook– 15.95
Deep fried catfish, bell peppers, basil, Thai curry paste.
49. Pla Rad Prik– 16.95
Deep fried whole tilapia topped w/ stir fry mix veggie garlic sauce.
50. Pla Sa Wan– 13.95
Steam fish filet salad w/ garlic lime dressing.
51. Goong Ob Woonsen– 12.95
Silvery noodles, shrimp, ginger in hot clay pot. 
52. Pla Goong– 12.95
Shrimp salad w/ Thai herb & lime dressing.
53. Ka Ta Talay– 15.95
Sizzling hot plate, mix seafood, mix veggies, Thai curry paste.
54. Prik Pao Woonsen Goong– 12.95
Stir fry silver noodle, shrimp, egg, onion, Thai chili paste. 


55. Red Curry– 12.95
Coconut milk, bamboo shoot, bell peppers, basil + choice of meat.
56. Green Curry– 12.95
Coconut milk, bamboo shoot, zucchini, bell peppers, basil + choice of meat.
57. Panang Curry– 12.95
Coconut milk, string beans, bell peppers, basil + choice of meat.
58. Yellow Curry– 12.95
Coconut milk, potatoes, onion + choice of meat. 


59. Fried Tofu: Garlic, Peanut, Sweet & Sour– 10.95
Sliced and deep fried. + choice of sauce.
60. Pad Thai Vegetarian– 11.95
Stir fry noodle w/ mix veggie, tofu, eggs, peanuts.
61. Pad Ma Keur Jay– 12.95/ 9.95
Eggplant, bell peppers, basil, fried tofu.
62. Spicy String Bean Jay– 12.95/ 9.95
String beans, bell peppers, basil, garlic, fried tofu.
63. Tofu Pra Ram– 12.95/ 9.95
Fried tofu, spinach, peanut dressing.
64. Tofu Kra Praw– 12.95/ 9.95
Fried tofu, garlic, chili, bell peppers, basil.
65. Tofu Himapran– 12.95/ 9.95
Fried tofu, roasted cashew nuts, onion, celery. 
66. Vegetable Deluxe– 12.95/ 9.95
Sauteed mix veggies.
67. Pad Sai Roong– 12.95/ 9.95
Silver noodles, tofu, mix veggies.


68. Nam Prik Ong: Steamed, Fresh– 12.95
Ground pork tomato sauce. Served w/ mix veggies & chicharrones.
69. Crispy Chicken Bone– 12.95
Marinated. Fried chicken bones. Served w/ house chili sauce. 
70. Raw Shrimp Salad– 13.95
Raw shrimp w/ lettuce and garlic lime dressing.
71. Catfish Mango Salad– 14.95
Deep fried minced catfish meat, w/ lettuce, mango salad, peanuts.
72. Breaded Shrimp– 13.95
Deep fried breaded shrimp. Served w/ house s&s sauce. 
73. Steamed Whole Tilapia– 17.95
Steamed whole tilapia fish. Topped w/ garlic lime dressing.
74. Seafood Pad Pong Kari– 16.95
Mix seafood sauteed in curry sauce.


75. Fried Banana Ice Cream– 8
Fried whole banana. Topped w/ ice cream, honey, sesame.
76. Mango Sweet Sticky Rice – 8
Sweetened sticky rice, mango, coconut cream, sesame.
77. Roti– 8
Pan fried thin Thai pancake w/ condensed milk & sugar.

House Specials.

  • Sour Pork Ribs– 12.95

Marinated & fried sour pork ribs. Served w/ fresh cabbage, chili, cilantro, peanuts.

  • Spicy & Sour Pork Ribs Soup– 12.95

Pork ribs, rice powder, cabbage, red onion, Thai herbs, lime, fish sauce.

  • Spicy Fish Cake– 12.95

Fish cake in Thai curry paste, basil, bell peppers.

  • Soft Shell Crab: Dry Garlic, Curry Sauce, Mango Salad– 16.95

Deep fried soft shell crab + choice of sauce.

  • Kao Soy Noodle– 13.95

Curry soup, egg noodle, onion, pickled greens, lime, cilantro + choice of meat.

  • Yum Nam Kao Tod– 13.95

Crispy rice salad, minced pork, onion, peanuts, sour pork sausage, + side of lettuce.

  • Egg Tofu Soup– 13.95

Egg tofu, minced pork, napa cabbage.

  • Sauteed Seasonal Vegetable: Bok Choy, Ong Choi– 12.95

Garlic, chili, oyster sauce.

  • Chinese Broccoli with Crispy Pork – 13.95

Crispy pork, Chinese broccoli, oyster sauce, garlic.

  • Shrimp Paste Dip: Steamed Veggies, Fresh Veggies– 12.95

Chili shrimp paste dip with mix veggies.

  • Thai Omelette: Chinese Sausage, Minced Pork, Minced Shrimp– 11.95

Pan fried Thai omelette, flavored w/ fish sauce.

  • Pineapple Fried Rice– 12.95

Pineapple, cashew nuts, egg, onion, curry powder, rice + choice of meat.

  • Combination Fried Rice– 12.95

Broccoli, chicken, beef, shrimp, egg, rice + choice of meat


  • Thai Ice Tea | Medium: 5, Large: 7

  • Thai Ice Coffee | Medium: 5, Large: 7

  • Palm Juice: Glass Bottle– 5

  • Coconut Juice: Can– 5

  • Soft Drinks: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Sunkist– 3

  • Sparkling Water– 3

  • Hot Tea: Lipton, Green, Thai– 2

  • Bottled Water– 2


  • White Rice– 3

  • Brown Rice– 3

  • Sticky Rice– 3

  • Fried Egg– 3

  • Peanut Sauce– 4

  • Extra Sauce– 1

  • Cucumber Salad– 6

  • Extra Fried Chicken– 5

$5 Counter Dessert.

  • Pandan Layer Cake

  • Sweet Sticky Rice w/ Banana

  • Sweet Sticky Rice w/ Taro

  • Pickled Mango

  • Sweet Golden Threads

  • Shredded Pork

  • Fried Chicken Skin

  • Pork Rinds

  • Tao Kae Noi Seaweed

  • Po Tae Chips

  • Thai Pipo Gummy

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness. Please inform your server of any dietary requirements and or restrictions. We only accept a maximum of 3 split bills and credit cards. 18% service charge for groups of 5 and above. Prices are subject to change without notice.*

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